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Until now, portable brewing of tea in the gongfu style hasn't been easy. Sure you can carefully pack a travel gaiwan, fairness cup, filter, and tea cup to take with you, but you still can't brew on the go. You've got to sit down and set up a tasting space. That's fine, but we've always wanted a truly portable option that allowed actual gongfu brewing. We never found anything that allowed for that, so we had to make one. This tea brewer is the result of years of experimentation and research.

This is the last tea brewer you’ll ever need. This has been designed exclusively for portable gongfu style brewing. Many portable tea brewers don't allow for full leaf expansion; the brew chambers are too tiny. In our brewer the large volume steeping chamber keeps the leaves from getting compacted and allows for free and easy brewing of any type of tea.

This tea brewer is versatile. It is designed to simulate the gongfu brewing experience. This is just like brewing with a 150ml gaiwan and fairness cup. Everything that you do when you brew gongfu style you can do with this. You can use it as a flip brewer. You can use it as a pourover brewer. You can even use the full volume and brew grandpa style. 


  • Large 150ml tea brewing chamber
  • Identical sized 150ml tea drinking chamber
  • Double wall borosilicate glass construction
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Food grade silicone seals
  • Ceramic valve with twist to open/close feature
  • Stainless steel inner caps
  • Opens from both ends to allow for pressure relief
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Minimized plastic / water interaction
  • 7.5cm Wide by 24cm Tall ( 3" x 9.5" )

One issue we wanted to address with this design was the ability to release the pressures that build up in tea brewers like this. When you add boiling water to double wall glass enclosed tea brewers a significant amount of pressure can build up. If you're not careful it can spray boiling water when you open it. This tea brewer allows you to open the tea brewer from either end to release pressure. Being able to do this while steeping is a unique and necessary safety feature. 

This tea brewer allows the gongfu experience to be mobile for the first time. Use this brewer in airplanes, trains, buses, and cars. Use it while walking, hiking, shopping, and working in an office. All you need is hot water!

Detailed Instructions

gongfu2go instructions

gongfu2go instructions


Watch this quick video showing one way to brew:

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