Huaning "Deep Space" Teacup #2 - 55ml

$ 39.99

These are intense! There is an incredible depth of color in this glaze. It's like peering into deep space through a powerful telescope. The color in these tends more towards blue and green than the "Deep Space" #1 teacups.

These cups are incredibly difficult to photograph. They are so shiny and reflective and we tried so hard to capture them perfectly. We boosted the colors and contrast to really show off what these cups are capable of in the right light. These cups will not disappoint!

Huaning ( 华宁 ) is a town in Yunnan province with a long history of ceramics. The locals harvest clay from the nearby hills. They source available minerals and hand blend their own glazes. Intense blues and greens are a common theme. Each shop protects their special glaze blend like an industrial secret. These provide a beautiful contrast to both their white clay and the deep red of their iron rich clays.

We appreciate the connection this teaware has with Yunnan and puerh tea. Puerh is a product of the soil and hands of Yunnan, and so is this teaware.

These tea cups hold 55ml and measure 9cm Wide x 3.5cm Tall. These are a handmade product and each will vary slightly. The one you receive might differ from the ones pictured. These cups are sold individually. If you want more you need to purchase more than one.


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