"Space Girls" a 2016 Sheng Puerh Tea Blend

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This tea is all sold out, but new Space Girls have arrived!

These four Space Girls have travelled the far reaches of the puerh Yunniverse and returned to tell their tales. They have known adventure and seen places that few would believe. Heavily compressed, sealed in carbonite, and in deep hibernation 4 Space Girls are ready for the final journey into your teapot.

For this special product we teamed up with the amazing and talented Seattle local artist Stasia Burrington. Her work has always impressed us and we are excited to be working with her. The artwork on these 4 bricks of tea are excerpts from her 2014 "Cosmonauts" watercolor series. Take the time to explore her amazing artwork: http://www.stasiaburrington.com/

This tea is a multi mountain sheng puerh blend we crafted in the Spring of 2016. This tea is soft and sweet, but aggressive if pushed too far. What else would you expect from a Space Girl? Like the rings of Saturn fruity and floral notes surround this tea.

Weighing in at 100 grams each brick of Space Girls contains identical tea while the wrappers are unique. 

Buy all 4 Space Girls

If you buy all 4 Space Girls there is a discount. Additionally we will include a second wrapper of each for you to frame or display.





Explore the Puerh Yunniverse

Check out our Puerh Yunniverse Exploration Pack. You get one of each of our Planetary Teas and a Space Girl to guide your journey!

Brewing Directions

These are heavily compressed teas that are perfect for long term aging. To drink them now take care when opening them. Make sure your puerh knife is sharp and you use it safely. Give the tea a 10s wash with boiling water and then let the leaves sit for a few minutes. This will help to soften them and get them ready for steeping. After that proceed to steep with them as you normally would. Enjoy!


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