"The Dark Planet" Single Serving Shou / Ripe Puerh Tea Dragon Balls

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"The Dark Planet" has closed for entry. You can still experience it as part of the "Puerh Yunniverse Exploration Pack".

In the farthest reaches of the Yunniverse this dark planet awaits. Steeped in mystery; delicious adventure awaits.

Don't let their small size fool you. These tiny spheres of puerh are made from Menghai area arbor tree material. They were picked and processed in 2013. They were pressed in Spring of 2016. They are teji grade material and consist primarily of buds. This tea brews clean and sweet with a pleasant earthiness.

Each of these hand made 'planets' weighs between 6 and 9 grams each. These are called 'long zhu' (龙珠) in Chinese; this means 'dragon balls'. They are hand wrapped and ready to brew. These work great with any style of brewing. You can toss one in a gaiwan or clay teapot. They work great grandpa style, or in an on the go thermos. These are not compressed too tight and open up quickly in hot water.

Explore the Puerh Yunniverse

Check out our Puerh Yunniverse Exploration Pack. You get one of each of our Planetary Teas and a Space Girl to guide your journey!

Gaiwan Brewing Instructions

This is what we've found that works out the best for brewing these in a gaiwan. These shou puerh tea balls are ready to go. Pour a direct stream of boiling water on to the ball. Let this sit for about 20s and discard as a wash. Brew normally after that.

Here is a guide we made for brewing our Planet Jingmai. Use it as a guide and adjust the parameters to your tastes.

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