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Try all three gushu shou puerh teas at a reduced price. This set includes 1x 8g sample of each of the following shou puerh teas:

These teas are not just unique they are incredibly rare. This material will not be pressed into cakes. We have been looking for extra special shou puerh that really stands out. We have just 1kg of each to sell. We have taken what we have and created 8g single session experiences. We want as many people as possible to be able to try this tea.

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you have a smaller tea brewing vessel.

These teas are worth experiencing. Drink them with your whole heart. Share your session with others if you can! You should get some friends to all pitch in and then brew these teas together. 

There is a discount if you buy more than one tasting set.

We recommend brewing these teas gongfu style with a 1g:15ml ratio of leaf to water. Do a flash rinse just once and then start with steep of 8s and increase from there as the teas requires.

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