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We've watched with great interest the past few years as quality shou puerh reached near unimaginable levels. Shou puerh teas like "Black Gold", and "Storm Breaker" showed what is possible when high quality origin material meets with impeccable wodui processing. This is a next level tea!

The material used in this tea is from old trees growing in Lao Ban Zhang in 2018. This is second Spring picking material. First Spring picked Lao Ban Zhang gushu material is far more expensive. 

You can see from the pictures the care taken with this material. The buds are golden and still have hair and the leaves are full. This tea brews clean and clear with damp soil, woodsy forest after the rain aromas. This tea has a definite and present tea energy. It is very body warming. The tea is complex and elusive. It fills the mouth with creamy flavor that seemingly dissolves directly into you. It presents bitterness but quickly follows with sweetness. It is thick bodied and the essence of Lao Ban Zhang remains. Late steepings are nutty with brown sugar sweetness and  fruity aromas.

This tea is not just unique it is incredibly rare. This material will not be pressed into cakes. We have been looking for extra special shou puerh that really stands out. This is one of those teas. We have just 1kg to sell. We have taken what we have and created 8g single session experiences. We want as many people as possible to be able to try this tea.

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you have a smaller tea brewing vessel.

Lao Ban Zhang as a village community of tea farmers has decided to no longer pick second Spring pickings for their old tree material. This is an amazing move to protect the tea trees but it makes the Spring picking material far more expensive. It is highly likely that a tea like this may not be made again.

This is a tea worth experiencing. Drink it with your whole heart. Share your session with others if you can!

There is a discount if you buy more than one session.

We recommend brewing this tea gongfu style with a 1g:15ml ratio of leaf to water. Do a flash rinse just once and then start with steep of 8s and increase from there as the tea requires.

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