The Road from Yunnan January 27 2014

A remainder of the Ancient Tea Horse Road outside Ya'an, Sichuan, China.

All images © Crimson Lotus Tea 2014

The Face of Puerh January 14 2014

I'm pretty easily amused and this face my puerh and tea table made at me gave me a smile. 



Highlights from our 2009 trip to China and Tibet January 13 2014

As we prepare for our trip to Yunnan this month I wanted showcase some photos from our 2009 trip to China and Tibet. 


View from Lhasa, Tibet


The Potola Palace by Night; Lhasa, Tibet


Steps of the Potola Palace; Lhasa, Tibet


The Potola Palace; Lhasa, Tibet


Mountain Yak; Tibet


Argali Skull; Lhasa, Tibet


Prayer Flags; Tibet


High Mountain Pass; Tibet


Basong Lake; Tibet


Lion Guardian; Beijing, China


Forbidden City; Beijing, China


Hangzhou, China


Iron Bowl; Shanghai Art Museum, China


Tea Garden; Westlake, Hangzhou, China


Westlake; Hangzhou, China


Dragonwell Tea; Hangzhou, China


Moon Gate; Hangzhou, China


Forest Walkway; Hangzhou, China


The Broken Bridge at Westlake; Hangzhou, China


Bugs on a Stick; Wan Fu Jing, China


Smog; Beijing, China


Great Wall; Mu Tian Yu, China


Great Wall; Mu Tian Yu, China


Great Wall; Mu Tian Yu, China



Lotus; Hangzhou, China




All images © Crimson Lotus Tea 2014

The Great Eye January 10 2014


The Great Eye

Sometimes I imagine my puerh tea is a great eye staring out from the deep beyond of some murky darkness. What timeless wisdom is hidden in the depths of this cup?

Yixing Teapot with Cups December 29 2013


We've had this tea set here at Crimson Lotus Tea with us for a little while now and it is time it found a new home. It's a good set and it comes with 5 tea cups made from the same clay that is used in the teapot. It will be an excellent addition to your collection.



A Yixing Mug December 24 2013

Pretty excited to find this Yixing clay mug today. 

The Story of the Little Piggy and His Christmas Puerh December 24 2013