Huaning Pottery

Huaning ( 华宁 ) is a town in Yunnan province with a long history of ceramics. The locals harvest clay from the nearby hills. They source available minerals and hand blend their own glazes. Intense blues and greens are a common theme. These provide a beautiful contrast to both their white clay and the deep red of their iron rich clay.

Their wood fired teaware creates unique patterns. There are no glazes used on the wood fired pieces. The smoke and inconsistent heat create unique colors and patterns. Additionally the smoke carries pitch from the wood that can settle on the teaware and create a unique pitch glaze. There is often a unique sparkling effect noticed when water is applied. Wood fired teaware often has a higher price because most pieces placed in the kiln will be broken. The ones that survive are extra special.

We appreciate the connection this teaware has with Yunnan and puerh tea. Puerh is a product of the soil and hands of Yunnan, and so is this teaware.

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