2010 "Black Gold" Loose Leaf Shou / Ripe Puerh Tea 100g :: FREE SHIPPING

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This is a loose leaf shou puerh tea that is identical to what is in our "Black Gold" cakes. This is made from the same Jingmai big tree material that is in our Midas Touch sheng puerh cakes. This material has been aged loose since 2010; first in Jingmai and then in Kunming. This shou is smooth, aromatic, dark, and delicious; a very drinkable tea. This material is packaged into sealed foil bags which come with an included sealing clip to keep the tea fresh.

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Brewing Instructions

Use 5-10 grams of leaves and brew with 75-150ml ( 2.5-5oz ) of water at or near boiling. Rinse once for a few seconds. Start with quick steeps under 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.

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