Fall is the perfect time for tea! October 01 2022

The weather in Fall is the perfect time to go outside and brew some tea. Whether you prefer a delicious sheng or a dark brewing shou puerh we've got some exciting new options for you!

New Shou Puerh

Night Shift

There is a magic in the cup that is hard to describe. The impenetrable black liquid releases a dancing white cloud. The obsidian darkness of night is what you'll find in a cup of this tea. Explore the mysteries of Tezcatlipoca as you steep.

Imperial Grade

Bud heavy shou puerh from Bulang brews dark and luscious from the first steep. This pure Imperial Grade material is pressed into a 250g and is a real treat!

Capitalist Lion Tamer

Very interesting purple bud shou puerh with a more than a decade of age on it. It brews light and red with sweet soil and forest moss notes

Black Gold Rum Barrel

Incredible tea aged in a rum barrel for two years. This is an aromatic delight with aromas ranging from banana bread to tiramisu. 

New Sheng Puerh

2005 Chunk-o-melon

These giant melons of sheng puerh were pressed in 2005 and stored in Puer City for 17 years. This tea tastes like the love child between "Top of the Clouds" and "Troublemaker". 


2022 Yiwu Guoyoulin

This is a very clean and fresh Yiwu experience. The body is silky and smooth. It is juicy with a consistent floral aroma and immediate mouth sweetness. The flavors are layered and worth exploring. 

2001 Yiwu Da Shu Tuo Cha

 From Wangong Village in Yiwu this tea is a special treat. There is a very mellow and centering energy. This tea is not aggressive at all and really showcases the delicate beauty of aged Yiwu material. The huigan (returning sweetness) builds in the throat from the first sip. 

2022 Honeybomb 

Honeybomb is a fantastic blend of the best that Jingmai has to offer. We've got old tree, big tree, young tree, and huang pian material perfectly blended to maximize the Jingmai honey experience.