Updated shipping rates from China April 29 2020

The latest shipping updates are here: https://crimsonlotustea.com/blogs/news/china-post-shipping-update-and-concerns

It's gotten expensive to ship from China

China Post has updated their ePacket shipping rates. To some countries, including the US, shipping rates have almost doubled. It is in response to limited flights between China and the US during this pandemic. We apologize, but we are no longer able to offer free shipping from China.

We have updated our site to calculate shipping rates by weight. If you are in the US we are now also offering China Post Surface, SAL, and Air. You can see the rates available at checkout. 

We have tested out our new shipping configuration but there may still be some issues. If you have any issues while checking out or while choosing shipping options please let us know as soon as you can! crimsonlotustea@gmail.com

We have made changes in our product pricing structure in certain places to help make this transition easier. We are still offering discounts if you are in financial need. 

How our products are organized

The majority of our products are stored in our fulfillment center in Kunming, Yunnan. We have a limited inventory in Seattle. The items in Seattle have "Seattle Inventory" in their title. If you add items from both our Kunming inventory and our Seattle inventory into your cart at the same it will automatically combine the shipping charges at the cheapest possible rate. For China this means Surface which can take more than 3 months!

If you want control over your shipping options please add only items from one inventory or the other into your cart. If you need to check out multiple times it will help save you the confusion.

We apologize that this will be an added expense for many of you. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Stay safe and stay awesome. We love you all!