Puerh Tea

What does puerh tea have to do with marriage? July 13 2014

This is our simple wish: A long, happy marriage filled with delicious tea!

Jingmai Mountain and Mangjing Village April 09 2014

The forest became thicker the higher we climbed that steep path. Entering the forest the high trees created a protective canopy. The forest floor was well maintained and easy to walk through. Before we knew it we were surrounded by ancient tea trees. I've seen pictures, but nothing is like being amidst a forest like this. The scene offered both serenity and tranquility. The rustling of the tea tree leaves brought a cool breeze announcing Spring with a sweet aroma. The suns rays piercing the upper forest canopy with the slowly swaying branches performed a shadow puppet show on the forest floor to entertain us. It was a singular moment that I won't soon forget.

Lijiang February 15 2014

Lijiang Old Town is an amazing place with a rich culture and deep heritage woven intricately with the history of the puerh tea trade on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. We visit Lijiang, experience the culture, and sample some truly amazing sheng puerh.