Follow our Adventures in Yunnan, China for 3 months! April 27 2019

This is our 6th tour of Yunnan. We will be here for 3 months. We will be living and working here full time until the middle of July. Just like previous years we will be photographing and documenting our travels and adventures. We are very active on Instagram so be sure to follow us there: .

We will also be filming short educational videos while we're here and posting them as we can. You can check out all of our videos here:

2019 Goals

Our main goals for a trip like this are 3 fold. We want to ensure quality of existing teas from existing farmer relationships, we want to grow new relationships as we find new tea and tea farmers, and finally we want to show you the amazing places that these teas come from.

New Tea and Teaware

As we release new products we will post them here: We have a lot of great things lined up!