Try 3 one-of-a-kind shou puerh teas! April 30 2019

We have 3 very special teas to share with you. We are really excited about these. We've watched with great interest the past few years as quality shou puerh reached near unimaginable levels. Shou puerh teas like "Black Gold", and "Storm Breaker" showed what is possible when high quality origin material meets with impeccable wodui processing. These are next level teas!

This year we had the opportunity to purchase 3 unique shou puerh teas each made with old tree material from 2018 Spring. These teas would have been impossible to make a few years ago. The risk would have been too great. With perfected small batch shou puerh processing these teas are now possible. They are not cheap, but they are possible!

With high quality origin material like this fermented with great skill you can recognize the base material shining through. Each of these teas are full experiences that are different from each other. It's really worth it to try each.

These teas are incredibly expensive and we've only been able to purchase 1kg of each. We have taken what we have and created 8g single session experiences. We want as many people as possible to be able to try this tea. 8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you have a smaller tea brewing vessel.

These teas are worth experiencing. Drink them with your whole heart. Share your session with others if you can! Don't have friends to drink tea with? You will when you tell people what you have!

2018 Spring Yiwu Gao Shan Zhai Gushu Shou Puerh Tea

The darkest brewing of the three. This tea is rich in soil aromas. It brews thick and earthy with a juicy mouthfeel. 


2018 Spring Lao Man'E Gushu Shou Puerh Tea

Bitter and sweet are in a dance. This tea has potent energy and aromas of peonies, bee pollen, sticky rice, and freshly harvested wheat.


2018 Spring Lao Ban Zhang Gushu Shou Puerh Tea

Actual Lao Ban Zhang old tree shou puerh tea! Never thought we would ever see this let alone be able to offer it for sale. Thick bodied with bitterness and sweetness and potent energy. This tea hits your mouth and then like magic seems to dissolve into your pores. 


Why not try all 3?

You know you want to! If you can't decide, you don't have to. We sell all 3 together as a single tasting set for a discounted price. Go together with a few friends and share the cost. Make a full tasting session with these 3 teas. It will be a very memorable session.