Our Wood Fired Teaware Collection June 06 2018

We have an incredible selection of wood fired teaware. We collect what we find during our journeys in Yunnan and have even began commissioning custom pieces. We have an amazing selection of unique Jianzhan, Jianshui, and Huaning teapots, tea cups, and brew bowls.

Wood fired teaware are exceptional works of art. Each are fired in a natural wood burning kiln. It can take anywhere from a few days to a month of kiln time to finish. Most pieces do not last through the wood firing process. They break and are discarded. It's not uncommon for a kiln to have a 0% success rate. This adds to the cost but makes each piece much more valuable.

Wood firing creates unique colors and patterns. The smoke and inconsistent heat become the artist. Additionally the smoke carries pitch from the wood that can settle on the teapot and create a sparkling effect only noticeable when wet. It's quite difficult to take a proper picture of this effect. Each piece is unique. They are each one of a kind. They will look better in person and never disappoint.

The Huaning and Jianshui teaware are unglazed. A common trend is to fake wood firing with creatively applied ceramic glaze. What we sell is the real deal. The natural minerals in the clay will enhance the flavor of your tea. 

The Jianzhan tea cups are created with a hand blended glaze before wood firing. There is a magic that happens with tea in these cups. The iron content works to soften the water and enhance the experience. Some people claim these cups cheat; the difference can be that noticeable. When we're analyzing teas for purchase we can't use these cups. They make everything taste better. 

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