Puerh tea that is out of this world! December 17 2016

If you are looking for an out of this world puerh tea experience then get on board the next flight to the "Puerh Yunniverse". In 2015 we introduced our "Planet Jingmai" single serving puerh tea dragon ball to wide acclaim. This year we expanded the reaches of our "Puerh Yunniverse" with 4 new planets for you to discover. The province of Yunnan offers a remarkable diversity of experience for puerh tea. The terroir of each mountain creates a unique adventure. With our planetary tea we sought to source teas that were simultaneously unique and offered an excellent example of what is capable at those tea mountains.

With the exception of "The Dark Planet", which is a proprietary blend of Menghai area puerh material, each planet is a single origin and unblended to create a profile that matches what that mountain can offer. The new planets are "Planet Yiwu", "Planet Bangwei", "Planet Baiying, and "The Dark Planet"."

"Planet Jingmai" is in the "Lancang System" of the "Simao Galaxy"

This is the one that started it all. This is a remarkably smooth, full bodied, floral experience with deep honey notes. Composed entirely of Jingmai old tree material from 2014 these never disappoint.

"Planet Baiying" is in the "Fengqing System" of the "Lincang Galaxy"

This tea is very mellow with a relaxing energy. It has a heavy body with vegetal / beany notes. The big tree material was picked and processed in Spring of 2015, aged in Baiying Shan for a year, and then pressed in the Spring of 2016. 

"Planet Yiwu" is in the "Mengla System" of the "Xishuangbanna Galaxy"

It's easy to see why Yiwu is considered the queen of puerh. A rich and sweet experience awaits you on the floral surface of Planet Yiwu. This arbor tree material was picked, processed, and pressed in the Spring of 2016. 

"Planet Bangwei" is in the "Lancang System" of the "Simao Galaxy".

It was an unexpected delight to discover this material this year. This tea is floral and fruity with pronounced sweetness and a balanced bitterness.

"The Dark Planet" is in the "Menghai System" of the "Simao Galaxy".

This mysterious planet is composed nearly entirely of buds. It brews clean and sweet with a pleasant earthiness.


It's dangerous to go alone! Take a Space Girl.

Exploring the deep reaches of the "Puerh Yunniverse" is a true adventure. We recommend taking a guide and we have just the girls to do it. Our 2016 "Space Girls" are Molly, Yvonne, Ursula, and Kato. 

These four Space Girls have travelled the far reaches of the puerh Yunniverse and returned to tell their tales. They have known adventure and seen places that few would believe. Heavily compressed, sealed in carbonite, and in deep hibernation 4 Space Girls are ready for the final journey into your teapot.

For this special product we teamed up with the amazing and talented Seattle local artist Stasia Burrington. Her work has always impressed us and we are excited to be working with her. The artwork on these 4 bricks of tea are excerpts from her 2014 "Cosmonauts" watercolor series. Take the time to explore her amazing artwork: http://www.stasiaburrington.com/

This tea is a multi mountain sheng puerh blend we crafted in the Spring of 2016. This tea is soft and sweet, but aggressive if pushed too far. What else would you expect from a Space Girl? Like the rings of Saturn fruity and floral notes surround this tea.

Weighing in at 100 grams each brick of Space Girls contains identical tea while the wrappers are unique. 

Explore the Puerh Yunniverse

Check out our Puerh Yunniverse Exploration Pack. You get one of each of our Planetary Teas and a Space Girl to guide your journey!