Beautiful Root Carved Gongfu Tea Table January 10 2014

The world of fine tea is full of amazing inventions and beautiful accessories. Chinese root carved tea tables are both beautiful and functional. I have been deeply enamored with these tea tables since the first time I saw one. Root carving is a traditional art form that creates functional furniture using carved and polished root portions of old growth trees. Early root carvings show up in China more than 2,000 years ago. Root carved tea tables are large and ornate with flat surfaces which slope to a common drain. These tables are functionally equivalent to tabletop gongfu tea tables. Tea tastings on these works of art are a very special experience.


These tables are often carved from camphor trees. Camphor trees grow large and have incredible ornate natural root structure that adds a natural intricacy to the root carved tea table. Camphor is also native to the same forests as the old growth tea trees that are used to make puerh. A mentholated camphor aroma is common in puerh.


We have been wanting one of these tables to add to the puerh tea tasting experience that we offer and are excited to have made this find. This beautiful tea table is the newest member of the Crimson Lotus Tea family. Email us if you would like to schedule a tea tasting before we head back to Yunnan to source more tea at the end of this month!